Monday, August 31, 2009

"...hip, sexy Twilight vampire..."

I have been so enamored lately with all things Twilight, so when I see an actor in another show back before they were "vampires" I get really excited. I usually jump up and down and point and say, "That's Kristen (or Rob, or Taylor, etc.) from Twilight." To which my husband says, "Who?"

A few weeks ago I could barely contain myself when I saw Kellan Lutz and Cam Gigandet on back-to-back episodes of CSI:NY and CSI. Sadly, there was no one around to share this with, so I bugged my dear hubby and called to tell him this most important and exciting news!

There was also this hilarious Diet Mountain Dew commercial with Kellan and a girl running away from a killer ferret, dressed like Jason, chasing them with a chain saw. The commercial stopped and read "FACT: FERRETS ATTACK MORE PEOPLE THAN GRIZZLY BEARS."  Grizzly bears!  Perfect!  I bet Emmett would appreciate the humor.

Well, last week, while dh and I were watching the season finale of our new favorite Summer series, Royal Pains, there was a nod to my favorite vampire.

Hank's brother, Evan, fears he was bitten by a bat and beginning to turn into a vampire.  He wakes up and screams when he notices marks on his body, then runs to Hank to check him out.

While his big brother, who's also a doctor, looks at his skin, Evan asks, "So, do you think I'm gonna turn into like, an old-school Bela Lugosi type, or maybe, like a hip, sexy Twilight vampire with like the [makes kissing sounds] and the cool hair or what?"

I was rolling when I heard that and ate it up!  I even rewound it at the end just so I could watch it again.  Sweet hubby just rolled his eyes at me, laughed and said, "Oh my."

You can watch it below.  Just fast forward to where the time reads 2:25. You fans are going to love it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yes, Another Twilight Blog

There are many great blogs out there with up-to-date information about all things Twilight related.  I have scads bookmarked, and a couple that I visit daily (Twilight Treasury and TwilightMoms).  There are even some that are quite unique and comical (Twilight Guy).  I love almost all of them.

However, I wasn't finding an outlet for my own thoughts; a place where I could comment on things I've noticed or discovered since this obsession started nearly two months ago.   

So, I thought, why not start my own?

I immediately imagined all those non-Twilighters out there sighing and screaming a collective, "Not another Twilight blog!"  Then inspiration struck.  Imagine my excitement when the name was available!

I feel so clever.

I don't intend to be a carbon copy of other Twilight blogs and hope you find something you enjoy when you visit. If you think something is missing or have an idea, please share it in the comments.  Just remember to play nice or the Comment Nazi will delete you.

I look forward to hearing from my fellow Twilighters and everyone else!