Monday, September 21, 2009

Twilight iPhone app from Summit

While updating my status on Twitter tonight, I found out Summit launched a new app on iTunes called the Twilight Tracker. I was concerned it might be lame, but was pleasantly surprised.

The main feature is sending "shouts" (in real time almost because it updates seemingly every minute) to fellow Twihards.  I love this because my family can only hear so much, so many times about Twilight before they roll their eyes and shake their heads at me.  There is also apparently someone on there from MTV giving up juicy much as he can anyway. 

The graphics are good quality, even the New Moon trailer looks great and all three trailers are on there to view.  It's not grainy at all like when you watch it on YouTube.  (No offense, YouTube.)  You can choose which Twilight character you want for your avatar and save several photos from New Moon as wallpaper for your iPhone.

Another feature includes the latest news in the world of Twilight from the craze about wanting RPattz to appear on SNL to how to dress like the characters of the Twilight Saga and so MUCH MORE!!

If you have an iPhone and are a Twilight fan, this app is a must-have!!  Click on the link below highlighted in red. 

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