Monday, November 30, 2009

All I Want for Christmas Is...Anything New Moon Related!

My family is already on alert and has been for months now. I will take anything and everything New Moon related and be completely happy.

Okay, maybe not anything. The Edward and Bella Barbie dolls creep me out a bit. Anybody else?! It's just too hard to make them look as good as the real thing. Although, this manufacturer has done a better job.

I really want the board games and the Scene It! game for home and my iPhone.  My family doesn't stand a chance to beat me.  Michael is trying to convince me to wait until all the movies have been made.  He's confident they'll make a Twilight Saga Scene It!  But I just can't do it.  I NEED it now!

One of the things on my list that was not made for Twilight or New Moon, but I absolutely love and have decided is an unofficial Twilight product:  Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods.  It's currently their number one scent.  My daughter and I love it.  It has a sweet, musky scent...the way I imagine Alice smells.  If you haven't tried it, get to your nearest B&BW to try it!

Btw, while I'm on the subject of things that smell good...there is a cologne that makes me want to sink my teeth into my hubby:  Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce.  OME!!  There have to be pheromones in it because I positively cannot resist him when he wears it.

There are so many cool products out there for Twilighters.  Be sure to get them on your list for Santa!

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